Student Resources
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Dr. Math
Can't figure out how to do that math problem? This site offers an on-line question and answer service for all grade levels of math K-12.
A site that has other math links that will help students with an understanding of math facts.
Figure This!
Challenges families or classrooms to solve math and spatial problems.
This site has some really great activities that show how math applies to daily life.
A math tutor in all levels of math.
Mortgage Calculator
Great site for a variety of math calculators.
Teacher Tutor
A personal math tutor with video instruction.

The White House
A great site to learn more about the U.S. Prseident and the workings of the Executive Branch.
A web site devoted to teaching history from a Biblical perspective.
How to develop a Biblical worldview of life. This is a course taught to seniors at Bethel.
U.S. Presidents
A web site with biographies of all the U.S. Presidents.
This Day in History
What historical event occured today?

Institute of Creation Research
A site that teaches creationism.
National Air and Space
How science plays a role in space travel.
Reasons to Believe
Whether you are looking for scientific support for your faith or answers to questions about God and science, this web site exists for you.
Nine Planets
This web site gives a history and current information about the nine planets and the entire solar system.
Science Fair Central
A web site to help develop science fair projects.
Creation or Evolution?
Biblically-based and nature-oriented articles

 The Free Encyclopedia
   A free encyclopedia anyone can edit
  The Free Dictionary 

  Simply type in the word and get a audio pronuciation and definition.
  How Stuff Works  
   This is a good page for the inquistive.
  Vocabulary studies from Oxford-Sadlier
  How to Write a Research Paper
How to write an A+ research paper
  How to Study
   This web site not only gives the process but also the topic.

       Careers and College
         NEW! College Students Study Guide
         The guide includes time management suggestions, tips on taking and formatting notes, and other study resources. 
         Occupational Outlook Handbook
         This is one of the most comprehensive sites you will find providing career information.

         Adventures in Education
             This site covers much more than just careers. It has basic career information with links to great sites.
         Free Scholarships
         Financial Aid
         FAFSA Form
        You will need this form for loans, grants, scholarships, etc.
         Practice SAT and ACT tests online
         Free online SAT Prep Course.
         Search and Compare Accredited Online Colleges