God Rewards Our Work


/files/Church/Grow phone.JPGApproximately 160 members at Bethel have made a commitment to invest one Monday night each month in/files/Church/Grow logo.JPG our GROW ministry.  It is all about being obedient in fulfilling "The Great Commission" of our Savior and Lord.  Here are four simple ways you can be a part of GROW:

 #1 - Letters:  Our members write letters to new residents of Hampton Roads, people thinking about moving to the Hampton Roads area, and people who are in need of encouragement.

 #2 - Phone Calls: Members make phone calls to people who may be looking for a church home or those who have been missing from Bethel for some time.

/files/Church/Grow Letters.JPG#3 - Home Visits:  Home visits are available for those that enjoy the one-on-one personal contact. 

 #4 - Child Care: Members are available to provide childcare, enabling those with young children the opportunity to write letters and/or make visits.

 The good news about GROW is that we have a place for you to serve and help further the cause of spreading the Gospel.