Sunday School Bible Studies

What is the goal of the Bible study program?

goal is twofold. First, encourage each class member to grow in the nurture and admonition of our Lord by making them bold for the faith. Second, encourage members of the class to reach out to our community and "bring/files/Church/SS Boggs.JPG them in" that the lost might be saved, and become a vibrant and participating part of the church.

 /files/Church/SS Parker.JPGBethel Baptist Ministries offers an exciting Sunday School for your children. Teachers present basic Bible doctrine to train the young people in "the way he should go." All parents want to feel secure that their children are being taught from the Scriptures accurately, their children are in a safe environment, and their children learn to enjoy the teachings of Scripture. Bethel provides that safe, interactive, and Biblical environment for your children. Please visit one of our children's/youth departments to get more acquainted with us!

Bethel also provides interactive Bible Studies for adults. We try to provide an environment for our adult classes that will stretch you spiritually. Well-prepared teachers facilitate a Bible study each and every week; they lead with good explanations and commentary. You can choose from one of many different classes. Our Bible study classes serve as a strong support group for you and your family. Each week prayer requests, fellowship, and testimony are encouraged that you may "bear ye one another's burdens."

 We also have an organized visitation program that gives you opportunities to share Christ in our community.

 When arriving at the church, go to the Welcome Lobby located on the Briarfield side of the building, and you will be directed to the proper class.